• NOT coreboot supported.
  • encountered troubles upgrading from bios 5.07 to 5.13 with flashrom:
    • 5.13 booted, but the ethernet card had a mac of '88:88:88:88:87:88'.
    • powered off, let sit all night.
    • upon power on, ethernet did not show up on lspci.
  • unable to run bios from asus p5k-vm!

GA-EP35-DS3R (rev. 2.1)

  • Flashrom supported.
  • NOT coreboot supported.

Handling Reboots

Before a reboot

  • mark down what VMs are running.

During a reboot

Reboots cleanly.

After a reboot

  • dhclient the interface.
  • mount /disk4
  • mount /disk4/debian/debian /var/www/html/debian -o bind
  • restart the VMs.
  • login and manually start kallithea.
    • cm services
    • cm getip <name of kallithea VM>
    • ssh demo@<IP of kallithea host>
    • su -
    • cd /var/lib/kallithea
    • paster serve my.ini
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