Short Description

LimeLite is an engine for performing project building exercises, as well as a platform for paying developers to accomplish tasks, or even just because.


  • No page on this site may allow information leakage to a third party.



A project is a group of individuals working on either the same, or closely related tasks.

  • A project has a stated set of goals.
  • A project has a group of leaders. (minimum of one, no maximum)
  • A project has a dedicated finance officer for receiving funds. (limit one)
  • A project has a counter of Tasks Completed, Tasks Started, Tasks Stalled, and Tasks Abandoned


  • Users of this site have a wallet associated with their account.
  • Users of this site MAY be a member of any number of projects.
  • Users of this site MAY be a project leader of any number of projects.
  • Users of this site MAY be the designated finance officer for any number of projects.
  • Users of this site MAY have their account validated by the site administrators. (how?)
  • Users of this site have a 'gets it done' rating, based on how many milestones have been completed.


  • A Todo is a task which can be validated by other project members, towards a project's goals.
  • A Todo has states, Completed, Abandoned, Started, Stalled, etc...
  • A Todo entry has a priority.
  • A Todo entry has a category.


  • A Milestone is a specific task which can be validated by a third party, toward a project's goals.
  • A Milestone has a state: accomplished, abandoned, in-process, stalled, etc..
  • A Milestone has a deliverable. resolving a milestone requires an upload of a 'proof of work' by a project leader.

Turning Points

  • A turning point is a possible milestone, that needs funding in order to happen, or in order to make happening more likely.
  • A turning point has all of the attributes of a milestone.
  • A turning point has a series of bonuses, to be given to individuals who fund certain price points.
  • A turning point has a launch date, indicating when funds need to be received by in order for the project to be considered 'started'.
  • A turning point has a deliverable date, when the deliverable and all bonuses should be shipped out.
  • A turning point has the ability to have funds 'reserved' for it.


  • A wallet is a container for currencies deposited to the site.
  • Users MAY spend monies from their wallet, by giving it to a project (and hense, that project's finance officer)
  • Users MAY reserve funding for a Turning Point.
    • Reserved funding is only extracted from the wallet once the required amount of funding has been reached.


  • A bot should be available for IRC users; to update the topic of their IRC channel dynamically when a task has been completed.
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