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Welcome to The OSPF Decking Tutorial, Dale

I hope that you are ready to learn about OSPF, and how we will improve your network with it. You should have brought your Cyber Deck and Neural Interface with you for this operation. Throughout the course of this tutorial, you will learn how to configure:

  • OSPF Routing Protocol
  • OSPF Fail-Over and Metrics
  • OSPF ICE (MD5) Encryption & Security

Router 1 RIP Configuration

For this lesson, please connect to Router 1:

Now that we are connected to Router 1, let's enable RIP and OSPF:

Please enter the Configuration Mode for RIP, and input the following configuration:


  • RIP enables the Daemon Interface.
  • Configure Terminal enables Global Configuration Mode.
  • Router Rip enables RIP Configuration Mode.
  • Redistribute OSPF enables RIP to learn all OSPF routes.
  • Exit exits RIP Configuration Mode
  • Exit exits Global Configuration Mode
  • Write Memory saves the RIP running-configuration.

Please exit the RIP Configuration mode now, and continue to the OSPF Configuration mode.

Router 1 OSPF Configuration

Let's configure a basic OSPF Configuration for Router 1.