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If this is your first foray into the world of Bitcoin we recommend you watch this short video and then if you have any further questions you can refer to If you're still not convinced please head over to and check out the list of services/providers/trading possible with Bitcoin.

Our System
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Our vision is one that facilitates the transfer of Bitcoin between two parties. We do not wish to be a Bitcoin bank, we will not store Bitcoin. We also do not want to be a money service business, we do not buy Bitcoin. Our primary goal at this stage is to develop our concepts and build out from there. We see a unique opportunity and wish to capitalize on such opportunity and build a platform for not only merchants, but the entire community of Bitcoin. Our concept as a Payment Gateway which allows other services to utilize a safe, affordable way handle transactions with Bitcoin. We hold the transfer in Escrow until both parties agree that the transfer is complete. We can hold the amount until the item purchase is marked as shipped. Anything to help ensure the users that the Bitcoin is there and will transfer to the correct party at the right time.

For our future endeavors we will be looking into:

  • Reloadable Cards
  • Merchant Application for the Acceptance of Reloadable Bitcoin Cards

As always our contribution to community is paramount. This will be Open Source Software (OSS) we are building here which will be available to everyone.

This is intended to be of modular design, which means we could utilize the system for other digital currencies as well.

Our System

We know that certain people have been shut down ( others have been hacked ( and others have experienced such growth and interest ( that they have to halt service to deal with the growing pains.

This however is our initial assessment and we can learn from such mistakes and be prepared for each. It provides us with a unique opportunity that each of the others did not have. If you would like to contribute please email KollanH@….

The system

Please be sure to visit every one of these pages as it describes in detail how the system will function and how we plan on working in the future.


There are obvious issues staring us in the face. Below you will find research on concerns which seem to follow Bitcoin to every country. It is our goal to shape our system for flexibility and compliance with the law.

Legal issues regarding bitcoin

Systems in place which facilitate bitcoin transfers

These are recommend reading which might help direct the understanding of Bitcoin and what is happening in the digital world.!/catid=12;2;21;3;22;10;13;17;20;15;16;9;4;11;6;18;1;14;25;24;23;19

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